Last Thing Left

One day I was riding my bicycle And parked it outside.So I could go to the store I go to every friday.Bakery called bella napoli I sit there till it closes then get my weekly eclare.Then went to get my bike it was gone.So I had to walk to the house from school.When I got home a fire had started in the house.I went to go find the fire hydrant but then realized we already had people helping it.And it was probably gone so my plan backfired I also tried blowing bubbles but failed.After the fire was gone they told us they would let us get a new house for free so we stayed in a hotel.We went to go say goodbye to the house before we leave.I tried to find something to keep and the thing I keep because that was the only thing there was pink necklace.


             Ahh I screamed It felt like I was flying but it was scary.Then felt a thunk my head was cut.And good thing the bike got stuck in the tree and not me.Well how did it happen I don’t really know.I was riding my bike and It just happened.I did not know where I was in the town.Because then the bike started to slip threw the tree.Then after it fully fell everything went black.And then I was back at my house then it went black again I felt like I could not move.And it just was doing that over and over again.Then it stopped back at the bike.It was slipping out of the tree again but then before it could I held it up.Then I grabbed the first aid kit and grabbed the peroxide.And killed the tree and then everything was back to normal then, I was thinking I felt bad for its next victim.


This week you need to think about place.I was in the car ready to go to my grandmas house.It was a few hours It  was long I ate candy,chips,and fruit.Then took a nap then mom said we made it.After all that eating and sleeping we where there.So my mom told me to take my grandmas dog out.And so I took a walk around the block.With the dogs and found a door It was in the woods because the dog started running away.And I went up to it and felt scard.I thought  what was behind it. So approching the door I opened it slowly and I felt scared and went in and found out.It was a dog park I was so glad me and the dog played all day.

Sorry wrote  a little to much



One day I was taking a bath and then I got out of the bath and ate food.I had an orange then I went to the mall and then I went to the mall to buy nothing.But then bought clothes,food and makeup.Then went on my boat for a ride and saw a fighter that danced but I  could not see him at first so.I looked at him standing on the edge of the boat and clumsily fell.It was not fun but then found out it was a dream cause you always wake up after falling in a dream.Then i woke up and felt so lucky it was fake.

Human Lego


One day I was actually a human believe me or not.When I was a human I ate a piece a seaweed that my friend gave me I was so excited until.I turned into a lego I was then so mad.And I  did not land in the place I was when I turned into a lego.I was in this lego wilderness thing.And then a face popped up and said if you want to get out you must go threw all the jungle. To reach the end there will be stuff you will not expect so.I went all through the jungle I found some lego lions and alligators.Then when I reached the end I found out if I ate the seaweed at the end I could come back to human so I ate  the seaweed and.Came back and in the same place I was before.

The Statue

I think that these are maybe made up thing that people used to beileve. Or a human but they acted a cerain way to give ten a nick name.they look like they are in a grassy place. They are there to honner it. Maybe its in a cemitary or grave yard. Maybe it was at a church it could be a religious thing. It is there to honner it because of maybe  somthing tragic happend to it. What thing that could have happend that is tragic. Could have been a car crash. Or maybe they where kids that got missing.

Great Escape Lodge

So me and my family where talking about when. We can go to great escape  lodge and. It reminded me of the time when I went to great escape lodge with my friend. We went swimming and we played games.It was so fun there was also this huge water slide it was purple. And very fast and dark.But super fun i also scared her in it.she almost fell out of the ride.Also we went to the arcade and won prizes.And regular swimming it was super fly.I had so much fun doing everything.

The Swich

But it seemed to be going backwords my life. One day i was 12 now im back to 11. My mom woke me up this morning and said today is your 11th birthday. So then i said o no today is when i got sick and threw up on my cake.And embarrasted my self in front of everyone. It was the worst birthday of my life. So i told mom no then i got my clock in the house turned it to 12 and then crushed it and then no more swiching ever again.

The Alligator

One day my teacher ate something strange it was . an alligator but that was not all. It was a mauve alligator so it was not normal. Not normal at all. So then she so sick she was hearing voices In her head. That told her to climb a mountain. So she did she climbed a mountain. It was tricky but she did it. Then she went back to her class and then told . the hole story all from start to the finish. All the kids loved the story so they had  mauve alligator to. Then they would tell the story .


I  predict that the hands are an important pearsons hand from history. I think it could be a presedent. Or maybe a pearson that saved people in a bad time or something like that. I think that it is in britin cause of the senarey. Its holding a rope so maybe the pearson was saving people. And the pearson looks like they are holding on tight. Like someone is holding on to it. I think it could be a boy because of the detail in the hands.But who knows it could just be a strong girl. Thanks for reading.